Finance your new vehicle with a personal loan

What could be nicer than feeling the smell of new when you sit behind the wheel? At the price of the machine, buying a car is a long-term bet, and cannot be improvised. If you already have the model you need in mind, this is a first point. But you can miss essentials if you are not careful.


The basic principles

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If you’ve already found the car of your dreams, calculate its price carefully, with and without the desired options, and do comparative research with equivalent models from other manufacturers. This will allow you to chat with the dealer and show not only that you know what you want, but that you are also aware that there are more attractive prices or models from other brands.

You are about to devote a substantial budget to your means of transport. The car brands know this and will do everything to encourage you to do your shopping with them. Take an interest in the services offered by the various manufacturers, let the competition play. Each brand tries to attract the barge in its own way, and it is quite possible, especially in times of long-term crisis, to be offered an additional option, sometimes even a reduction on the price of the vehicle or payment facilities. satisfactory.


Some tips

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It is common that at the end of the month, between the 20th and the 30th, sellers must close their accounts in order to hope to receive their commissions. With a close sale, these can sometimes go up quite high! If you can wait until this period to make your purchase, chances are you will find a particularly attentive ear. This is the best time to be offered options, rare body color or an extended warranty.

Finally, do not disdain the Motor Shows and other events dedicated to four-wheelers. Each dealer periodically organizes commercial events related to the promotion of the brand. Many punch operations are orchestrated by manufacturers for promotional purposes, so stay tuned. If for example you have not yet found your happiness, browse on the official websites of the brands: there are usually the dates of the next shows.


How to finance your new car?

How to finance your new car?

If you need to finance the purchase of a new car, you can count on the Astro Lending credit offer. Do not wait and contact one of the Astro Lending advisers, who can recommend the loan that will suit your needs and your repayment capacity. You can also make a simulation of your credit online which will inform you about the conditions of your loan: duration, fixed monthly payments, fixed rate, total cost of the credit, etc. You will get a first answer in principle by finalizing your credit application online.

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